coconut jerky chili lime flavor with young coconut, bowl of coconut aminos, jalepeno, lime and garlic
coconut jerky chili lime flavor, back of bag

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Chili Lime - Case of 6

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This one's spicy! Tangy Thai spice with a tropical citrus finish. If you like heat, you’re in for a treat. A favorite among everyone, especially the more adventurous jerky connoisseur. 

Chili Lime Coconut Jerky - case includes 6 x 1.5 oz packs

Vegan, Paleo, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free

Handmade in small batches at the source of our coconuts in Thailand

Ingredients: Young coconut meat, Coconut Aminos (coconut sap, salt), Lime Juice, Finger Peppers, Garlic


100% Vegan Ingredients #SafeSnacking #ForealFoods

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