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I just got my order, what's this white stuff?

Does it rub off / disappear when you rub it? That's coconut oil! When it gets cold, the fats in coconut meat rise to the surface, we see this all the time on our jerky during the cold Brooklyn winters.

What is raw coconut jerky?

At its most basic, it’s marinated and dehydrated young coconut meat.

Is it really vegan? What about honey?

We are 100% vegan.  We don’t use honey (or agave for that matter).  Our only sweetener is created from raw coconut sap.

What does “minimally processed” mean?

To the best of our knowledge, there is no commonly accepted definition for this phrase.  That being said, we’ve found that most meat substitutes have long ingredients lists containing processed soy and wheat products.  Cocoburg keeps it simple with just a few raw ingredients.  The only processing our products go through are cutting, marinating, and dehydrating.

Are Cocoburg products organic?

Since we've moved operations to the Philippines we have not been able to secure all organic sources for our ingredients.  This is something we're working towards and we'll used organic whenever we are able.

Is it 100% raw?

We dehydrate the jerky at 115°F, which is the commonly accepted max temperature for raw foods. All ingredients that are available in a raw form are used, but at this time there are no commercially available raw versions of the following (and as such these items are not raw, but make up only a small portion of the product):

  • Lime Juice
  • Coconut Aminos
  • Coconut Nectar

Is it Non-GMO?

100%!  We don't even use any ingredient that are available in a GMO form. We're working on our certification so that we can advertise this fact on our packaging.