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Coconut Jerky Brand Builder (aka Marketing & Social Media Manager)

Permanent position open for immediate hiring. Local NYC candidates only (sorry we can't cover relocation costs).

Welcome to the world of Cocoburg, creators of the world’s first Vegan Coconut Jerky and a ever expanding line of innovative coconut products!

Cocoburg has been bumbling around for the last 4 years and is finally kicking into high gear. Though we have some amazing momentum with major distribution with UNFI, Whole Foods, and 100s of other natural retailers, we’re still a tiny company with huge growth potential. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a small brand ready to make some noise in the fastest growing categories of the food/CPG world.

You’ll be working closely with Seth (the founder), a small internal team (4 people) and the wide array of brokers, consultants, distributors, and freelancers that make our company tick. Though we need you to have some marketing and social media chops, this will be an awesome opportunity to learn a ton and grow with the business.

Your mission is simple: 10x our consumer base as quickly as you can! We’ll help you with all the resources we can and some extremely experienced advisors and consultants to direct you, but how you accomplish this will be largely up to you. This is our first FT marketing hire, so the right person for this job is going to help write their own job description, but here’s a spattering of tasks:

  • Work closely with the team to build our marketing and social media strategy from the ground up

  • Produce and maintain our promotion and advertising strategy

  • Identify and execute on partnerships and marketing opportunities

  • Manage, post, create, reply: day to day social media management

  • Manage/create Cocoburg branded content: blogs, articles, and guest posts

  • Run our public relations: produce press releases, target/reach out to journalists & publications, respond to PR  inquiries

  • Brand ambassador work: identify and manage event participation (and run the booth when needed)

  • Conduct market research and stay abreast of what’s going on in our niche of CPG

  • Manage our web analytics and online strategy

  • Use all of the above as inputs to our branding and future product development

  • Do whatever it takes to blow this up!

Is this you?!?


  • You’re proactive, you take initiative - we’re too small to micromanage you, so you gotta be good at figuring out what you should be doing and hitting it hard without a task master pushing you

  • You’re a hustler - you know how to find the right people, how to get them on the phone/in the meeting, what to say, and how to close the deal

  • You’re supportive of the clean / natural food movement Cocoburg represents -- you don’t have to be vegan, but you should be stoked on the clean eating movement!

  • You have experience in natural channel food/CPG

  • You have the ability and willingness to identify and attend consumer/trade shows, run booths and occasionally in store demos

  • You have the ability and willingness to sit around in the office all day working on a computer and making phone calls and looking at spreadsheets

  • You’re amiable and you like people - we don’t have to be best friends, but you need to get along with the rest of the team

  • You have the ability and willingness to travel around the country as needed

Please keep in mind, we are an early stage startup and we don't have super deep pockets, though we hope to be there soon!

Sound like what you’re looking for? Email me a cover letter and your resume or LinkedIn profile and let’s talk!